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Where did they go? UFA defenseman edition.


This is a FanPost written by acrididea

Here are the contracts signed by the d-men whose name came up in “KA should go after that guy” talks on here & elsewhere:

Name (signing age), team, AAV, term (exp. age), total $, clause.
Sorted by AAV.

  • Dmitry Orlov (31), CAR, $7.75m, 2 yrs (33), $15.5m
  • Damon Severson (28), CBJ, $6.25m, 8 yrs (36), $50m, NTC/M-NTC
  • Vladislav Gavrikov (27), LAK, $5.875m, 2 yrs (29), $11.75m, NMC
  • Ryan Graves (28), PIT, $4.5m AAV, 6 yrs (34), $27m, M-NTC
  • Radko Gudas (33), ANA, $4.0m, 3 yrs (36), 12m, NTC/M-NTC
  • Scott Mayfield (30), NYI, $3.5m AAV, 7 yrs (37), $24.5m, NTC
  • Justin Holl (31), DET, $3.4m, 3 yrs (34), $10.2m, M-NTC
  • Connor Clifton (28), BUF, $3.33m, 3 yrs (31), $10m
  • Carson Soucey (28), VAN, $3.25m AAV, 3 yrs (31), $9.75m, NTC/M-NTC
  • Brian Dumoulin (31), SEA, $3.15m, 2 yrs (33), $6.3m, M-NTC
  • Ian Cole (34), VAN, $3.0m, 1 yr (35), $3.0m
  • Luke Schenn (33), NSH, $2.75m, 3 yrs (36), $8.25m,
  • Niko Mikkola (27), FLA, $2.5m, 3 yrs (30), $7.5m
Which one do I like/hate?

My motto is “overpay if you must, but do not over-extend”, so here are my takes on those contracts (not on players per se):

Like: Russians going all business. Given the expected cap increase over the next 2 years, it’s not hard to see why Orlov & Gavrikov went short-term. Probably too expensive for BUF, but I still like those deals. Those could’ve worked out nicely last year, but BUF wasn’t exactly an attractive destination yet. Oh, well.

Like: Short & boring. I think Mikkola deal is sneaky good. Solid young d-man on a deal with little chance of going wrong. Clifton deal is another one.

Hate: Just too long. Severson, Graves, Mayfield. All good Ds, but… Not really a bargain despite the loooooog term. Poor fit for a team like BUF that has many big, long-term deals kicking in this or next year, imo.

Hate: Couldn’t you make it a bit shorter/cheaper? Gudas, Schenn. Useful 3rd pairing vets, but 3 years at those AAV? I like the Ian Cole deal much better. Or Erik Johnson deal & a few others I didn’t mention.

Who’s left?

Dumba, nothing but Dumba.

I personally liked him the best, but I guess his asking price (AAV & term) was too much. Maybe he’ll have to go Russian & sign a short-term deal. Or someone’s going to sign him long-term. Many teams still trying to move some contracts, so something may open up. We’ll see. Other than Dumba, I don’t see anyone left that I’m interested in.

Which one do I like/hate?

Which one do you like? Which one do you hate? Anyone I missed?