VOTE: Which AIHL team(s) will DBTB support this summer?

The Aussies have been wooing Sabres fans pretty heavily

After we introduced you to Australian hockey last week, plenty of you had voiced that they would like to change their votes based on what you'd read about the game and the teams.

That was before some of the teams kicked their social media machines into gear and really got the votes cranking.

The Sydney Bears reached out to us first, telling us about their team. Die By The Bears sounds pretty catchy.

Then the Canberra Braves Twitter account decided to throw shade at first, before getting their community involved in the voting process. Die By The Brave sounds pretty nifty too.

The Adelaide Adrenaline got their Facebook involved, but didn't quite see the spike in votes they were hoping for.

And then this morning the Sydney Ice Dogs have picked up their stealth campaign a couple of notches and got the vote counts up.

So, where do we go from here?

It's only fair now that more people are aware of Die By The Blade's interest in finding an Australian team (or two), that we conduct a re-vote, which gives everyone a fresh start.

Click here to go read the original post with the team bios.

The Melbourne Mustangs, Newcastle North Stars and Perth Thunder have all been accounted for, which leaves us five teams to pick from. Vote below to decide which team we'll be covering for you, the poll will close on Wednesday evening (8p EST).