NHL Playoffs Open Thread 4/16/2016 & 4/17/2016

Four games on this fine playoff Saturday

The Lightning lead the Red Wings 2-0 after winning both their home games. In Florida, the Panthers pulled one back to tie the series as they head to New York against the Islanders. There were some contentious moments involving the coaches' challenges during the Blackhawks game at the Blues, but that series is tied at one too. In the first game of the Ducks-Predators series, Nashville upset the home side Anaheim.

There are four games again today, including an afternoon tilt as the Rangers are at the Penguins down one. The Flyers are at the Capitals, also behind by a game at 7pm EST. At 8pm EST, the Stars host the Wild, leading the series 1-0 after a one-sided first game. In the last game of the day, the Sharks are at the Kings after pulling off an upset in game one, with that puck drop at 10:30pm EST.

There are another four games on Sunday - the Blues are at the Blackhawks with the series tied at one starting at 3pm EST. The Lightning then go to the Red Wings leading 2-0 at 7pm EST. The Panthers play at the Islanders at 8pm EST, that series is also tied. Finally, the Predators will attempt to prove their win at the Ducks in the first game was no fluke, playing the second game of the series in Anaheim at 10:30pm.

Join us for a chat, and tell us who you think will win today's matchups.