POLL: What About Gus?

Do You Want Girgensons Gone?

As long as we’re discussing trading away what’s left of the Sabres’ pre-2017 1st round draft picks, what about Zemgus “The Lion Slayer” Girgensons? Is he a keeper or no?

Some say he’s no good, or at least expendable and/or overpaid, and would give Seattle a draft pick to take him off our hands. Some say he plays a valuable role and if he wasn’t carrying around the expectations of a former 1st rounder, people would appreciate him more. Sure, he’s not exactly slaying lions out there, but as far as Sabres’ 1st round picks go he’s, well, he’s still with the team anyway. For now.

So, what do you think? This is another Yes or No choice — you either want to keep him or you don’t. Whether you trade him or convince Seattle to take him or buy him out or whatever doesn’t matter, what matters is do you think Gus is part of the Sabres’ future or do you think it’s time for him to go?

Thanks for voting! And feel free to expand on your answer down in the comments.

Do You Keep Gus?

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