BTB Analytics Ep. 2 | Special Teams

Meghan Hall joins the podcast to discuss her research on the power play and penalty kill

Up next in the Beyond The Blade preseason analytics mini-series, I’m joined by Meghan Hall. She contributes to Hockey Graphs and is one half of the Balls N Sticks Pod.

Meghan presented her work on the increase in offensive output for penalty kills in the NHL during the Rochester Sports Analytics Conference over the weekend. We start off the podcast talking about her findings from that research.

Next, we move into Meghan’s prime area of expertise, the power play. We touch on some league tendencies and then shift focus to the Sabres specifically. At the end of the podcast we briefly touch on Meghan’s work on when teams should pull their goaltenders in games they’re trailing in the third period. She breaks down why it’s better to pull the goalie sooner than later.

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