Buffalo Sabres Daily Links: Tippecanoe and Tylers Two

Tylers Myers and Ennis helped lift the Buffalo Sabres to a 3-2 overtime victory last night against the Montreal Canadiens.

- Recaps from last night's win over the Habs. [Sabres.com, NHL.com, TSN, The Buffalo News, WGR, 3MI, The Hosers]

- Ryan Miller had some strong words to shock the Sabres back to greatness in OT. [The Buffalo News]

- The creator of the Buffaslug reveals the other designs he submitted to the team for consideration. WARNING: If you hate the slug, this gallery is like experiencing a waking nightmare. [KPBL Design Studios]

- Day One of the annual NHL GM meetings was yesterday, and there were postive voted for hybrid icing and increased player safety, and "mehs" for bringing back the red line. [NHL.com, TSN, Puck Daddy]

- In light of the GM meetings, here are 10 bold ideas of things to take out of the NHL. [Dallas Stars] But Justin Bourne has a rebuttal to one of those revocations. [Backhand Shelf]

- Should Sidney Crosby be a power play specialist when he returns to the ice? [Bleacher Report]

- Say goodbye to the hardcore hockey pleasing "History Will Be Made" campaign and hello to the casual fan friendly "Because It's The Cup." [Puck The Media]