This Week In Amerks Hockey: Week of 10/13

Conflicting feelings on Mike Zigomanis, Luke Adam's hot streak, and Matt Hackett's anger issues highlight the most recent The Week in Amerks Hockey.

I'm going to compare the Amerks to my World Series-bound Boston Red Sox again. I just wanted you to all be prepared. But first, I have a confession ...

"You and tequila make me crazy ... you’re like poison in my blood." (Kenny Chesney, You and Tequila)

Guys, I have a problem. You might not think it’s a problem, but it’s a problem. I have made a solid career, as an Amerks fan, on hating Mike Zigomanis. He played for the Toronto Marlies and plagued this Rochester club for several seasons (well, three). I hated him based on him consistently being better than my hockey club, which seems fair to me. In the off-season, he signed a one-year AHL contract with Rochester while I was busy spending a week in the Adirondacks with my friends. I came back to civilization (and cellular service) to find my Twitter mentions blown the heck up with notifications about his signing and what was I going to do about that. That’s how much I dislike him. Here’s where the problem comes in. He’s on my team now. And he’s good. And I still want to hate him. I want to hate that he’s a former Marlie on MY TEAM. Playing with MY boys. Part of me wants to just love that he’s here and he’s the veteran help that we need. Part of me wants him and his crazy-athletic vegan self to go away. But not too quickly - he did pot 4 (2+2) points against Utica in a 6-4 win on Saturday.

Speaking of Utica on Saturday night, the Amerks have won two straight games (holy ...) and three of their last four. This is not a drill, folks. This is an AHL team that has already far exceeded their parent club in the win column. Oh, and one of those wins? One of those wins came against those very Marlies that Rochester has struggled so against in recent seasons. It was a decisive victory, with the Amerks stunning the Marlies 4-1. This is definitely movement in the right direction, and I am hopeful that it’ll continue. Maybe we really will be the Red Sox of the AHL and I will be pleasantly surprised.

Anyhow ... on with the important stuff!!

Who’s Hot!!

Luke Adam - Really, Luke Adam? Really? 6 goals in five games and 22 SOG. You’re perfect, don’t change, but I still don’t like you.

Mike Zigomanis - two goals and four points against Utica.

Phil Varone - Phil's on a four game point streak, and has 11 SOG.

Who’s Not!!

Mostly only one person: Matt Hackett. Chadd Cassidy isn’t pleased with his Number One right now, particularly with his anger management skills. Although Hackett will continue in the starting spot, Cassidy has made it clear that Hackett needs to get his head on straight or he will be playing second fiddle to Nathan Lieuwen. Hackett got another unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Saturday, with 1:46 remaining in the second period. He was benched in the third, and hopefully he got the message.

Rochester will hit the road this weekend, heading to Hamilton on Friday and Toronto on Saturday. Hopefully, they can keep things on the upswing and I’ll have more good news for you next week. Let’s go Amerks!