Ron Rolston Approval Poll: First Ten Games

The Sabres have three points in ten games - is Ron Rolston to blame, or is there light at the end of the tunnel?

The Sabres are still struggling to find traction and the conversation is going from the lack of talent in the younger (and veteran) players to the coaching and management. The fan-base is already beginning to grow tired of this "rebuilding" year, or at least the lack of progress in the first ten games.

Much of the blame has been placed on Darcy Regier but more and more it seems like head coach Rolston is failing to impress the fans. Whether it's little ice time for some of the young guys to his less than informative post-game press conferences it seems like patience for the head coach is slowly disappearing.

So, what do you think of the job Ron Rolston is doing? Let us know in the poll below. If he sticks around in true Sabres coaching style it'll be interesting to see the trend of the approval rating as the season wears on.

What he's done so far:

- Led the Sabres to a 1-8-1 record

- Had a spat with the media over the team's slow starts

- Has begun platooning Mikhail Grigorenko and John Scott

- Has the league's 30th ranked PP and the 8th best PK

- Is giving Christian Ehrhoff 25:30 TOI per game, 11th in the league

Do you approve of the job Ron Rolston is doing as the head coach of the Sabres?