What expansion draft strategy should the Sabres use?

The Seattle Kraken expansion draft is in just under a fortnight

There have been some GM For A Day posts about the upcoming Seattle Kraken expansion draft already, but let’s open it up for all the DBTB readers here.

Once the Stanley Cup trophy is lifted, with champagne and cereal partaken out of it, the next major NHL event to take place will be the expansion draft on July 21st. The Kraken will build their roster by pulling in players from other teams around the league, with each team able to protect certain players.

Teams can safeguard their players using one of two options, either seven forwards, three defensemen and one goalie – or eight non-goalies and one goalie. Which strategy would you rather have the Buffalo Sabres use and who do you think the Kraken will take from our roster.

Remember, trades are not only possible but will be welcomed and with the Kraken picking at #2 (behind the Sabres) during the NHL Entry Draft, there are certainly some opportunities to do so.