Sabres vs. Canadiens Recap: Sabres Hit Rock Bottom In Pathetic 5-1 Loss

The Sabres played the worst game of professional hockey I've ever had the misfortune of witnessing in person en route to a 5-1 obliteration by the Canadiens.

If there was any doubt before tonight, the Buffalo Sabres are in full on tank mode, and the players on the ice are already playing like it. The Sabres were crushed by the Montreal Canadiens tonight, getting outshot by an astonishing 42-15 total as they lost 5-1. It was an embarrassing performance for the Sabres, who looked out of answers after the game. Just how bad was it? Check the post game comments below to find out.

Sabres Dominated In Every Way

We poked fun at how the Sabres were outplayed by Montreal in their previous two meetings, yet still managed to steal a win in each. Well tonight, karma came back like a you-know-what. The Sabres were soundly and unacceptably outplayed in every facet of the game. There wasn't a single thing they did well tonight, unless you still think hitting and fighting win games. Kudos to Patrick Kaleta and Steve Ott for trying to fire up their lifeless teammates, but nobody else on the roster was buying it. Aside from a few Rochester call-ups, nobody on the team played with any sense of passion, or even professional dignity. And there are still eight games to go.

There's really nothing else to say about this game. Oh, except...

Steve Ott Did This



DBTB Three Stars

How bad were things tonight for the Sabres organization? They didn't pass out second period game notes, and thus nobody (at least among the bloggers) could vote for the three stars. But just for fun, let's go with:

1. PK Subban/Brenden Gallagher
2. Rob Ray, who took a helmet and stick to the face when a frustrated Ott threw them off
3. Whoever was responsible for playing the WWE theme for Fandango on the PA during a time out

Post Game Quotes

"It was the worst effort the Buffalo Sabres have put on the ice since I've been a part if it."
- Tyler Myers, by way of John Vogl

"We got our butts kicked. That's it."
- Ryan Miller

"We had too many passengers tonight," and "If I knew, I'd solve it."
- Ron Rolston, on why the team shows a lack of passion so often


Steve Ott, 4-11-13

Ryan Miller, 4-11-13

Comment of the Game



BUF – 22
MTL – 55


BUF – 35
MTL – 69


Operation Tank, FULL SPEED AHEAD