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Post-Draft Free Agency

We still want a goalie right?

This is a FanPost written by Joshua P Barco

Varlamov is still available.

Varlamov who is 35 years old coming off a 5 million a year contract is looking for somewhere to finish his career, and I think Buffalo is the perfect spot. The last 4 seasons Varlamov has played less and less games, 45, 36, 31, and 23 games this previous season but has consistently kept around a 2.6 GAA, and 9.15 SV% even with increasing age and less games played. He would be a perfect fit as the 3rd goalie backing up and mentoring UPL and Levi and shouldn’t be to expensive or be looking for to long of term. Varlamov would play around 22 games and Levi and UPL would split the other 60 battling it out for that starting goaltender spot. Seems like a low risk possibly high reward move to me, will Kevyn look for a veteran back-up like Varlamov or just roll with Levi and UPL? I think we should sign someone like Varlamov personally, and why not the man himself?

Top 4 Defensemen.

Ryan Graves, that is who I want and hopefully who Kevyn will be talking to today, but is he willing to take a risk on a 28 year old D-man and sign him to what I assume will be a pretty high paying and long-term contract? We have the cap space if we trade Olofsson, we need another top 4 d-man, does Kevyn make a move? Soucy could be a good second option also but not my first choice. Or you could go with the little bit older and probably cheaper options such as will be 32 year old Brian Dumoulin or 33 year old Travis Hamonic to fill in for a few years as you hope Ryan Johnson, Joki, or someone else we trade or draft for takes that spot in the soon to be future. If Kevyn doesn’t take a risk and sign one of these d-man does he make a trade instead? Either way it could be an interesting day. Would you be happy if at the end of the day we made these two suggested moves and signed Varlamov and Ryan Graves to fill out this roster? I know I would be.