2016 NHL All-Star Game final score: Pacific wins 1-0, Scott named MVP

John Scott provided a memory hockey fans will never forget.

The 2016 NHL All Star Game was one of the more entertaining mid-season contests in recent history. Part of that was due to the new 3-on-3 format which (for the first two games) provided some serious entertainment value for fans in attendance and watching on TV. But the other big reason to watch was to see how the trials and tribulations of John Scott would play out.

When it was all said an done, Walt Disney himself couldn't have written a better story.

Scott scored two goals in the Pacific Division's first game, and was named All Star MVP following the Pacific's 1-0 defeat of the Atlantic Division, earning him massive "MVP" cheers from the crowd, a cut of the $1,000,000 winner's prize, and a new car to drive his growing family around in.

From start to finish, this was one of the most unbelievable stories the NHL has ever seen. Scott went from an afterthought to a joke to a martyr to a hero in the span of a few months, and the fans and players in Nashville showered him with love all night, and Scott responded in kind, giving thanks to the fans and generally looking stunned and delighted at all the hoopla.

As for the games, the first two matches were fun, open ice affairs that saw plenty of goals. Ryan O'Reilly assisted Aaron Ekblad's goal in the first game, where the Atlantic defeated the Metropolitan 4-3 to advance to the final. The Pacific Division defeated the Central 9-6 in a game where Scott scored twice.

Unfortunately, once the finals rolled around, the players started caring again, and we saw a significant decrease in offense, with Corey Perry scoring the only goal in the Pacific's 1-0 victory.

Overall, this was a fun weekend that the NHL stumbled ass-backwards into thanks to John Scott's humility and honesty. I'm not sure next year's game, or any other, will top this one, but tonight certainly gave hockey fans worldwide a memory they'll never forget.