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He Was ‘Scary Good’ and We Will Always Remember Him

Rick Jeanneret. RJ. The Legendary Voice of the Sabres. How could his importance and impact on the Buffalo community possibly be articulated here? No matter what kind of hockey fan you are, his voice has very likely been heard echoing through the speakers of your living room, at your neighborhood bar, or on the jumbotron at KeyBank Center. It is also very likely that he has made you both laugh and cry countless times over the years. As the longest-tenured broadcaster in the NHL, he will certainly never be forgotten and neither will his 51 years of memorable play-by-play calls.

On a personal note, Rick Jeanneret was the reason I began watching hockey as a kid. He is the reason I continued watching hockey – even during the many times our team made it painstakingly difficult to do so. And, finally, he is the reason I will always love the Buffalo Sabres. RJ was not just an announcer, not just a hall-of-famer. He was the heart and soul of “the city of good neighbors.” He was someone you never had to meet to know he was a friend.

There have and there will always be opposing viewpoints when it comes to sports, but one thing Buffalo fans have always agreed on is their love for Rick Jeanneret and the way he could easily electrify every single game he called with just the sound of his voice.

Rest peacefully, legend. I just hope someday we can win the big one for you and dedicate it to the best announcer to ever live.

Here are some of my absolute favorite games that I watched Rick Jeanneret call live:

Thank you for the memories.