Eichel signs card deal with Leaf, attends Upper Deck Rookie Showcase

Fans will be able to land the Sabres' top prospect's autograph in Leaf card packs this season.

Jack Eichel is a popular man right now. Weeks after signing an equipment deal with Bauer, the young star has signed a multi-year exclusive trading card deal with Leaf. The company's CEO Brian Gray said it was one of the most lucrative autograph trading deals for a rookie in any sport.

"Unlike some other 2015 draftees, Jack has no autographs on the market," Gray said in a release. "Leaf has the unique opportunity to insure collectability and tremendous value for one of the greatest, if not the single greatest, American hockey prospect of all time. This is probably the most exciting day of my career at Leaf Trading Cards."

Here is the full release, including two trading card designs in the bottom left. Hopefully this is the only time the words "Eichel" and "Leaf" are put together.

Eichel is currently attending an event hosted by a competitor in the trading card market, the Upper Deck Rookie Showcase. Upper Deck tweeted a picture of Eichel in a Sabres jersey, although it wasn't his. Instead of the No. 15 that he has chosen, he is wearing Jamie McGinn's No. 88.

Eichel will be on the ice for a photoshoot for Upper Deck rookie cards, but obviously won't be able to sign any cards that they produce.