Daily Links for Wednesday, November 23

Tonight's the night - the rematch against Boston that's had Sabres fans in a tizzy for over a week now. More Sabres-Bruins after the break, including Milan Lucic "expecting a fight" - and by fight, he means a chance to pound in the ace of whatever Sabre is brave silly enough to challenge him. Will this be a statement game for the Sabres, or simply a confirmation of many fan's worst fears? UPDATE: Bonus links for tonight's game after the break.

Sabres look to deny Bruins a 10th straight victory - NHl.com
The official preview of tonight's contest from the NHL.

HECHT IS READY TO GO - Buffalo Sabres
The look on Jochen Hecht’s face said it all. After weeks of stalled comeback attempts, the 34-year-old declared himself 100 per cent healthy and available to play in Wednesday’s grudge match with the defending Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins.

Winning is Job One against Bruins - The Buffalo News
The Buffalo Sabres took the politically correct route Monday when talking about the Boston Bruins.

No extras are left on Sabres' defense - The Buffalo News
Those daily discussions about which defenseman the Buffalo Sabres should scratch? You won't hear them for a while.

More Sabres Links:

Bruins' Lucic ready for the Sabres' challenge; Julien just wants to keep winning - Sabres Edge
Milan Lucic has no doubt the Sabres will try to fight him Wednesday night during the first Boston-Buffalo game since the big winger collided with and concussed Ryan Miller on Nov. 12. He's not scared of a fight, though.

The code makes us hypocrites - Buffalo Wins
Joe looks at what the fans are expecting tonight, and what it says about us and the team.

Vulgar Opinions: The Sabres Will Still Win The Stanley Cup - Black & Blue & Gold
A list of reasons why Buffalo will still have a great season, despite their struggles.

Around the NHL:

NBC Prepares For the Thanksgiving Showdown - Puck The Media
A new tradition will begin this year when NBC Sports drops the puck on its NHL coverage earlier than ever with the inaugural 2011 Discover NHL Thanksgiving Showdown on Friday, November 25, at 1 p.m. ET between the defending Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins and the Detroit Red Wings

2012 All-Star Fan Balloting Week 1 leaders - NHL.com
Thomas Vanek is 23rd amongst forwards in votes despite being 5th in points. Pominville, Miller, Myers, Roy are nowhere to be found.

Do fans have a right to know specifics on player injuries? - Puck Daddy
As a paying customer, do you deserve to know the exact details about player injuries?

Crucial period ahead for Carolina Hurricanes - ESPN
All teams face adversity, but in Carolina, it's different because the Canes are family -- albeit a not-so-happy one at the moment.

Sens forward Nick Foligno embracing fresh start this season - The Globe and Mail
Nick Foligno was anxious for a fresh start. And through 21 games, the Ottawa Senators winger hasn't disappointed.

Toughest arenas to play in - THN
Last on the list? The First Niagara Center.

Ways the Maple Leafs would be different if Wayne Gretzky owned them - Down Goes Brown
The best guess is that Gretzky's arrival in Toronto would bring plenty of changes. Funny stuff as always from DGB.


No more media scrums. No more press conferences with the same questions being asked over and over. The time for talking is done. As they say in the WWE … “time to play the game.”

Lucic: 'It's fun to be part of rivalries like this' - Sabres Edge
Milan Lucic spoke to the media for more than eight minutes here Tuesday so when he saw another gaggle of camera, notebooks and tape recorders around his locker this afternoon, did he exit stage left? No way.

It’s A No-Win Situation Versus Lucic Tonight - KuklasKorner
Dave Davis says just win, and all (well, most) will be forgiven.

The Buffalo Sabres vs. Milan Lucic: Avenge or ignore? - Puck Daddy
It's up to the Sabres to show they've learned from their emasculating, embarrassing response to Ryan Miller getting bull-dozered. It's not enough to point up and say "scoreboard." Answer a physical team by speaking its language.