POLL: Granato or No?

Did The Sabres Make The Right Choice?

The Sabres have their new coach, that’s a done deal, but was he your new coach? Some say the Sabres played a better style of hockey after Granato took over, with the youngsters playing more prominent roles. Some say he’s basically a Krueger 2.0 nightmare and was definitely the wrong choice. Some are in the middle somewhere.

As always, you’re not going to get any fancy stats or in-depth hockey knowledge from me here (or anywhere!) but you will get a chance to give your thumbs up or thumbs down on this coaching hire. You may hate the move or love it, and if so your choice is easy. If you’re somewhere in the middle, go with the answer you’re leaning toward most, and you can always expand on things down in the comments.

Thanks for voting!

Is Granato Your Guy?

I’m okay with it657
I’ve got serious doubts134