POLL: Who’s Your Cup Winner?

The Lesser of Two Evils?

Okay, they’ve turned the keys to the DBTB poll-making machine over to me, so let’s give this thing a test drive! You’re not going to get any in-depth hockey knowledge from me because, well, I don’t possess any. What you will get is a chance to express your opinion on various topics or at least a chance for us all to push a few buttons besides each other’s.

I realize we’re already well into the Finals, but this poll was suggested by jg_funk in another post, and the series isn’t over yet, so why not, right? This is likely a lesser of two evils choice for most of us, since we may not want either team to win, but absent another disaster, one of these teams will win the Stanley Cup.

So, the question is: who do you want to win the Stanley Cup? This, as opposed to who you think will win. Again, I realize you may not want either team to win, but which team hoisting the Cup will leave you feeling less pukey? Or which team winning will give you the most hope for the future of the Sabres? Or which team do you just hate the least, even if it’s just a little tiny bit less hate? Maybe you root for the underdog? Or maybe, just maybe, you actually like one of these teams?

Who’s Your Cup Winner?

Montreal 41
Tampa Bay126