DBTB Open Thread - Valentine’s Week Edition

Buffalo are back in action on a California road trip as #SabresAfterDark returns

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The Buffalo Sabres returned from the All Star break with a bit of a false start, getting thumped at home by the Calgary Flames, but will have the chance to correct things on their West Coast road trip this week. The Sabres have fallen a bit behind in the wildcard race, but will need to start turning those games in hand into points on the table on #SabresAfterDark this week.

Here’s the schedule for Valentine’s week ahead.

Mon Feb 13th - Buffalo Sabres at Los Angeles Kings (29-18-7, 4th Pac Div), 9:30pm ET
Wed Feb 15th - Buffalo Sabres at Anaheim Ducks (17-31-6, 8th Pac Div), 9:00pm ET
Sat Feb 18th - Buffalo Sabres at San Jose Sharks (17-26-11, 7th Pac Div), 9:30pm ET

Use the comments below to discuss goings-on with the Sabres and the rest of the NHL for the week.