To Our Community - We Need Your Help

We’re looking for your input.

If you’re a regular Die by the Blade reader, you’re probably already aware of last week’s news from Vox that our funding & support is being pulled as of the end of February. If you haven’t read it yet, here’s my letter with a little more detail - everything that I know right now.

There are currently still a lot of unknowns. Right now, we know that the website itself will continue to be supported through February 28. We don’t even know if our independent contractor agreements for writers will extend through that date. There has been little communication from the higher-ups, and little clarification so far.

With that, we want to start planning for what comes next.

Please consider taking this brief survey to help us understand our readers and what sort of coverage you all enjoy & look for.

We are likely to face a transition period, during which we’d like to ensure minimal disruption to our coverage of the Buffalo Sabres, in the middle of one of the best seasons in recent history - and to our editors and writers, who deserve to be paid for their work. If you are able, please consider making a donation to help us.

Finally, if you manage a local business or organization who would be interested in a potential sponsorship to help us get through the end of this season, or beyond, please fill out this form & we’ll get in touch as we know more about next steps.