NHL and Adidas tease Reverse Retro jerseys

The NHL and Adidas released a teaser video of the reverse retro jerseys for all 31 teams

If you haven’t heard, the NHL will be doing a Reverse Retro series of new jerseys for the 2020-21 season. Every team in the league will be adding one of these sweaters. It’s good to see the NHL finally beginning to embrace adding multiple jersey kits. This is a revenue stream the NBA has been successful with over the past few years.

Adidas put out a teaser video yesterday for all 31 teams.

Going through the video, a few of the concepts could have been what the Buffalo Sabres will be unveiling. The Sabres confirmed that their Reverse Retro jersey would be white and blue with gold stripes.

A lot of the conversation today has been what logo the Sabres are going have on the front. The goat head? The butter knives? A logo similar to the 40th anniversary jerseys?

Well, the number on the back of the jersey in the video turns out to be significant. It’s a clue for the year that the retro jersey will mimic. In this case, the 00 represents the year 2000. In the 2000-01 season the club released their red and black “butter knives” jersey that you see in the feature image above.

Therefore, if you connect the dots, you can assume the Sabres will be going with a blue and gold version of the butter knives. The league will be revealing all of the Reverse Retro jerseys on November 16th.

Here is a breakdown of the teased jersey for each team:

So, what do we think about a blue and gold version of the swords logo?