Sabres To Play Twelve Games On National TV

The NHL and Versus released their national broadcasting schedule today, and the Buffalo Sabres are featured prominently throughout the season. Perhaps the NHL overlords have noticed how high the hockey ratings are consistently high in Buffalo whether the Sabres are playing or not. Hm.

The Sabres will appear twelve times on the national broadcast schedule, tied for second-most in the league, with ten games on Versus and two on NBC. Additionally, Versus is adding a new "Game Of The Week" broadcast to go along with their regular Monday and Tuesday games, and Buffalo will appear on this featured broadcast a whopping seven times, two more than any other team in the NHL.

Buffalo will also appear once on the NHL Network, and multiple times on TSN and Hockey Nigh In Canada. For the full list of nationally televised games of all types, check the team website here. Otherwise, just head after the break to see the Versus/NBC schedule.

Versus Schedule:

  • Tuesday, October 25 vs. Tampa Bay, 7:30
  • *Wednesday, November 2 vs. Philadelphia, 7:30
  • Monday, November 14 at Montreal, 7:00
  • *Wednesday, November 16 vs. New Jersey, 7:30
  • *Wednesday, December 7 vs. Philadelphia, 7:30
  • *Wednesday, January 18 at Chicago, 7:30
  • *Wednesday, February 1 vs. NY Rangers, 7:30
  • *Wednesday, February 8 vs. Boston, 7:30
  • Monday, March 5 at Winnipeg, 8:00
  • *Wednesday, March 14 vs. Colorado, 7:30
    (*denotes VERSUS exclusive Game of the Week)

NBC Schedule:

  • Sunday, February 19 vs. Pittsburgh, 12:30
  • Saturday, April 7 at Boston, 3:00 (Flex Scheduling - may appear on Versus instead)/