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20 Sabres Games Have Been Cancelled So Far, All November NHL Games Cancelled

If getting to the party an hour after its supposed to start is cool, then consider this NHL season Miles Davis.

With the cancellation of NHL games through the end of November, the Buffalo Sabres have seen 20 of their 82 games knocked off of the schedule, 11 home tilts and 9 on the road.

If a CBA is to be reached, it remains to be determined how the league will structure their schedule – but they’ll certainly have to re-work things a bit seeing as how every team has had a different number of games cancelled thus far. It’s uncertain whether or not the league will add some of the cancelled games back on to a truncated schedule, and which one’s they’ll choose if they decide to do so.

The silver lining of this unfortunate news is that the Sabres schedule started off with a brutal stretch of games – 13 of their first 16 games came against playoff teams from last year, including two games apiece versus Phoenix and New Jersey, and a whopping four games against the Philadelphia Flyers. The cancellation would also eliminate one of the team’s two four-game road trips, which are the longest roadies of the season for the blue and gold.

As it stands, roughly 25% of the NHL season is now cancelled – and to add some salt to the wound, tonight was supposed to be Game Eight for Buffalo against the Boston Bruins. So, anybody see any good movies lately?