Will Buffalo Make The Playoffs?

FanPulse returns with the first poll of 2020.

It is no secret that the Buffalo Sabres have struggled to meet expectations this season.

Despite the increased chatter and hype surrounding the team heading into the season, the Sabres have not reciprocated those feelings.

Through 47 games, Buffalo holds a record of 21-19-7, which is good for 49 points.

Right now, the Sabres sit fifth in both the Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference Wild Card. Are they close enough to make the playoffs despite missing the postseason last year?

As you can see, the Buffalo Sabres are not featured on the above graphic.

Digging a little deeper, it is clear that fans throughout the NHL do not have much faith in Buffalo’s ability to make it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

According to FanPulse voters, only 7.86% of voters believe the Buffalo Sabres will make an appearance in the 2019-20 postseason.

With a five point deficit in the Wild Card race and a seven point deficit in the Atlantic Division, that lack of faith makes sense.

Buffalo has most certainly made their own bed throughout the first half of this season. If they want to defy the FanPulse voters, they will need an impressive second half to prove the voters wrong.