Tyler Myers Injury Is "Bad," Says Ruff

Lindy Ruff offered some news that no Buffalo Sabres fan wanted to hear this morning at practice - that star defenseman Tyler Myers' injury will keep him out for a while.

How long, exactly? The Sabres coach wouldn't give an exact timetable, but when asked if Myers - who was still wearing a walking boot last night - would be back for the playoffs, he offered, "What round?"

Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News is translating Ruff's response to mean: broken foot, out 3-4 weeks, might be back for the second round, if the Sabres make it that far.

With Christian Ehrhoff already out until at least the start of the playoffs, Buffalo are still missing their top two defenseman, and Sabres fans have seen how that has impacted both their breakout passes (bad) and their defensive zone coverage (worse).

Myers injured his foot blocking a shot against Pittsburgh, and the absence of he and Ehrhoff have forced the Sabres to bring back Brayden McNabb, who received just over 14 minutes of ice time last night (coincidentally, Mike Weber got just over 12).

With two more must-wins coming up against The Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins, do the Sabres have enough skill on the blueline without Ehrhoff and Myers to survive, or do any damage in the playoffs once they make it?