The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

With a new network look comes a change in DBTB site management.

We've had a great number of changes to Die By The Blade over the past few weeks, not the least of which is our snazzy new design. Today, there's one more change to announce.

As of last week, DBTB is under new management; Zach is stepping down as site manager and I'm stepping in to his size 14EE shoes.

I want to first thank Zach for all his hard work helping to make this site what it has become over the past year or so. He's done a great job handling the day-to-day oversight of DBTB, and has been a great help to me over the past few years, helping me to become more comfortable as a writer and manager. I owe him a big debt of gratitude for allowing me to grow into this new role. And don't worry, he's not leaving - Zach will still cover Sabres games for us (when they start playing again that is) and writing the occasional opinion article, as well as lurking in the comments every day.

I also want to thank you guys, the readers, for sticking with us during these big changes. We hope most of you like the new site as much as we do, but we know that it sucks being a hockey fan during a lockout, and we appreciate you guys coming by every day for some much-needed Sabres chatter.

What this management change means for most of you isn't much. We'll still be flinging new content to the front page as quickly as our lockout-addled brains will allow, and you can expect the day-to-day operation of the site to remain essentially the same. For those of you that follow @diebytheblade on Twitter, or have on your contacts list, that will all now be run by me, and you can still follow Zach on Twitter @coolman856.

Despite the big changes, we're going to keep bringing you guys the same great Sabres content you've always gotten here at Die By The Blade. I'm excited about the future, especially if it includes actual NHL hockey, and we'll keep doing our best every day to give you a reason to feel the same.

Let's go Buffalo.