DBTB Predicts: Stanley Cup Playoffs, Third Round

Here we go again.

Our Die by the Blade staff predictions for the second round of the NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs didn’t exactly go as planned. We’d all predicted that the Carolina Hurricanes were going to oust the New York Rangers, and yet it was the Rangers skating away with the win after Monday’s game seven. Who could have seen the red-hot Florida Panthers being sent home by the Tampa Bay Lightning?

The third round of the playoffs begins on Tuesday night with the first game of the Western Conference final. The Eastern Conference counterpart opens on Wednesday night.

The last possible day for the Stanley Cup Final is June 30.

Once again, here are our predictions.

New York Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
Melissa: Tampa Bay in 6
Kerra: Tampa Bay in 6
Steven: Tampa Bay in 5
Alex: Tampa Bay in 6

Colorado Avalanche vs. Calgary Flames
Melissa: Colorado in 6
Kerra: Colorado in 7
Steven: Colorado in 6
Alex: Edmonton in 7