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Sabres unveil Jack Eichel hamburger and it sounds delicious

Special athletes only come around once in a generation. These game changing players help to define a generation, they put the fate of a franchise on their broad shoulders, and will do whatever it takes to drive their team to the promised land.

And what’s the ultimate honor that can be bestowed upon one of these titans of the game? A statue? A jersey in the rafters?

Better yet, how ’bout a burger?

The Sabres announced today that this season they will be serving the Eike Daddy Burger at concession stands inside in the first Niagara Center. Questionable spelling aside (was Eich Daddy taken?) this monster looks much like the man it was named after – it’s big, unique, and tasty (we’re just assuming on that last one).

Here’s the recipe, so you can get your taste buds going, or make your own trial version at home.

1) Start with the bottom portion of a sliced Brioche Roll

2) Spread thousand island dressing on roll bottom

3) Add one all beef hamburger patty

4) Top patty with a slice of American cheese

5) Place iceberg lettuce on top of the cheese

6) Next add two tomato slices

7) Fried egg goes next

8) Place slivered onion on fried egg

9) Slather top portion of bun with Guacamole

10) Place on top of the and enjoy

Anybody gonna try one opening night? The Eike Daddy. as well as Eichel himself, will debut on Thursday’s home opener.