Sabres sign Luke Adam to a one-year deal

The Sabres have signed all their RFA's and added to their depth in Rochester.

The Sabres have announced that they have signed forward Luke Adam to a one-year two-way deal. With the signing the Sabres have now locked up all of their restricted free agents.

Adam, 24, has scored 15 goals and 11 assists in 87 total games over the past four seasons. Last year he only scored one goal in 12 games with the big club, but had another excellent year in the AHL. He led the Americans in scoring 29 goals and 20 assists in 59 games and was named to the AHL All-Star Game for the second time in his career.

After four seasons of professional hockey Adam's chances of sticking in the NHL are getting slimmer and slimmer every year, especially as he's passed by the talent that the Sabres have drafted, but the team knows he can be a big piece of Rochester's success.