Sabres season ticket prices going up again next year

The cost of doing business (with the Sabres) will be going up by about 4% next season.

The Buffalo Sabres have had a very strong season ticket base for many years now, with a waiting list numbering in the thousands serving as insurance through their rebuilding phase. Despite that incredible support, and with continued complaints regarding poor game presentation, arena atmosphere, and a lack of creativity from the organization, the Sabres announced they will be raising ticket prices once again next year.

The team sent out mailers to their season ticket holders today, and cost of season tickets is going up by approximately 4% for all seats. For the full breakdown of costs by seating section, check out this article from The Buffalo News.

While fans may not be happy with the increase, it falls in line with what the organization has said about the way that revenue sharing works - that is, if they don't keep their revenues competitive with other teams, they would not be eligible for revenue sharing and could potentially lose out on tens of millions of dollars.

Along with the bad news it bore, the team's mailer did include some cool chemistry-inspired graphics regarding the team's young talent, giving fans a reason why they would want to pay a bit more to watch a hopefully improving team next season.

While nobody's ever happy about paying more, the big question is whether or not the product on the ice will match (or hopefully exceed) the price increase. Any Sabres season ticket holders out there that have strong feelings on this? Let us know in the comments.