Sabres Links: Ristolainen negotiation starts, three Sabres advance at Worlds, Lambert ready to take over

What's a reasonable price tag for Ristolainen, and would you prefer a bridge or long-term deal?

Before the links today, I just wanted to share a bit of news with you all. As you know if you follow me on Twitter, I'll be interning with the Buffalo News on their sports desk this summer. Obviously that's a bit of a conflict of interest with Die By The Blade, so I'll be leaving the site for a few months. This isn't goodbye, just a little break. We don't have a definite date yet for my last day here, but I should be around for the next few weeks. I'll officially start my full-time internship with the News on June 13.

Whatever happens, I'll still be on Twitter and likely in the comment section a bit while I'm gone. It'll go faster than you think!

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