Sabres Links: Pegula bids $1.3 billion, Golisano still a player, Subban and Habs $3 million apart

Yesterday we knew Pegula had made an enormous bid, now we know that he is one of three bidders and his initial bid is higher than the Toronto groups. In more hockey related news, Subban and Montreal are still trying to come to put together a long-term deal.

Sabres Links

  • Terry Pegula is one of three bidders for the Bills, with the other two being Jon Bon Jovi's Toronto led group and Donald Trump. Although he hasn't submitted a bid, former Sabres owner Tom Golisano may still enter last minute [Buffalo News]
  • If reports of Pegula's bid are true, the Toronto group cannot match it with Bon Jovi staying as the majority owner according to John Kryk [Kryk Slants]/

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