Meet The Newest Members Of The Buffalo Sabres Hall Of Fame

Along with the return of the Winnipeg Jets, tonight is going to be a special night for two distinguished members of the Buffalo Sabres family. Play by play announcer Rick Jeanneret and forward Dale Hawerchuk will be the two newest members of the Hall of Fame and each receive their distinguished swords.

Rick Jeanneret has been apart of the Sabres organization since 1971 and has become the quintessential voice for all of the Sabres classic highlights. His famous catchphrases and voice has been filling Buffalo homes for the past 40 years. He was very candid in an interview with the Buffalo News' Mike Harrington about why this was the year to accept the nomination from the Sabres:

"I had a lot of people asking me to do it," Jeanneret said Monday. "I didn't have anything against it, I just always thought I would wait until I was all done before I accepted any offers. But for various reasons, I stopped and thought about it again [this offseason] and I agreed that this was a time do it."

Dale Hawerchuk played for the Sabres for five years from 1990-1995 and played a total of 342 of his 1,188 career games for the Sabres. During that time, Hawerchuk had 111 goals and 385 points for the Sabres. Hawerchuk sits 8th on the Sabres all-time assist leaders list with 275. It's fitting that his induction ceremony comes at a game against the Winnipeg Jets because Hawerchuk was a 1st overall pick for the Jets in the 1981 draft. He cemented his career with the Jets, playing a total of nine seasons with Winnipeg and scoring 379 goals and 929 points with the Jets before being traded in 1990. His number is retired with the former Jets organization, the Phoenix Coyotes.

The game time is 7:00 pm and the ceremony will start around then, so if you have tickets get to your seats early to enjoy the ceremony.