Sabres Blogger Summit: What Questions Do You Have For Ted Black?

We're getting a chance to talk to the Sabres president tonight. What do you want to hear him talk about?

The Sabres haven't played well to start the season, and many fans want answers from the organization to a great many questions. Well, tonight's the night you might get to hear some of those answers.

The Buffalo Sabres are holding another blogger summit tonight, though this one is a bit more informal than in the past. During the first intermission, a number of Sabres bloggers, including us, will be able to speak briefly with team president Ted Black. There will also be a suggestion/question box that will be used for questions we don't have time to ask.

So what we want to know is - what do you want to know? You've got questions about the team, and we have the chance tonight to get some answers, so let us know what you want us to ask in the comments, and if we can, we'll ask.

Keep in mind that Ted Black is more on the business/overall organization side of things, so hockey-specific questions like "Why is Tyler Myers playing so poorly?" are probably not his area of expertise. Still, leave your questions in the comments, and we'll pick the best few to ask tonight.