Poll: Do Sabres Fans Have An Obligation To Cheer?

After last night's game, the Sabres as a group talked about the fan's negative reaction to much of their game. But do fans owe the team anything, or should their cheers be earned?

The Buffalo Sabres escaped last night with a win, but if the crowd at the First Niagara Center is to be believed, it wasn't very much fun. Check out these Tweets from the locker room after the game.

As someone who's been at most home games this season, I can say that the Sabres home crowd has been very finicky - slow to cheer and quick to turn. I'd almost describe them as poisonous, with many home games simply being either quiet as a church or simply no fun to be at, thanks to the litany of boos rained down on the home team.

However, fans should have some kind of a right to boo, especially this season. The Sabres have failed to reach high expectations, and at many points this season have looked downright pathetic. Fans pay their hard-earned money to watch and be entertained, and at many times this year, they've been let down.

It's a bit of a chicken-and-egg argument - the fans say we'll cheer if you play well, while the team says your cheering helps spur us on in times of need. What do you think, Sabres fans? Do we have an obligation to help the hometown team, or is it their responsibility to provide a reason to cheer?

Do fans have an obligation to cheer their hometown team?

Yes, it's the fans responsibility to help cheer their team to victory.87
No, the team needs to provide a reason for the fans to cheer.125
It's a symbiotic relationship, and each has to do their part.249