Player Report Card: Jimmy Vesey

Vesey completed his first season with the Sabres and left much to be desired.

Total Season Stats: 64 GP | 9 G | 11 A | 20 PTS

Age: 26

Contract Status: Pending UFA

Jimmy Vesey’s time with the Buffalo Sabres organization began on June 20, 2016, when the Sabres acquired Vesey’s rights from the Nashville Predators.

At the time, Vesey intended on becoming a free agent and made that known.

Two months later, Vesey signed with the New York Rangers, where he spent the first three seasons of his National Hockey League career.

Vesey’s talent as a mid-line player was made somewhat evident during his time with the Rangers. In three seasons, Vesey scored at least 16 goals.

Buffalo re-acquired Vesey last July and he subsequently made his long-awaited Sabres debut on October 3.

That might have been the highlight of his Sabres tenure. Things arguably have been downhill from there.

It took 21 games for Vesey to score his first goal as a member of the Sabres. Vesey went on to score in two straight games following that. From there, another stretch of games that saw one goal in 14 games.

That goes to highlight the hot-and-cold nature of Vesey’s game throughout the 2019-20 NHL season.

No one expected Vesey to come into Buffalo and score 30 goals but some might argue that his production with the Rangers should have been obtainable with the opportunities Vesey was given throughout the season.

Vesey proved his worth before this season as a solid bottom-six forward who can fill in when called on. After this season, it is clear that Vesey might need a little bit more structure around him to allow a team to tap into his potential that we have all heard about.

While Vesey heads to unrestricted free agency this offseason, one might make the argument that Buffalo could have him back, if Vesey chooses to bet on himself.

At the end of the day though, the most logical solution might just be a clean break for both the Sabres organization and Jimmy Vesey himself.

Season Grade: C