Pick n' Mix - Wk 4/1/12

The last two Buffalo Sabres games might have sounded the death knell for the Sabres' season, and once again our fate lies in the hands of other teams. Hopefully the Sabres can pick it up and take care of their own business while fans are left scoreboard-watching and praying.

Both losses caught Pick n' Mix participants by surprise and there were a slew of low scores, with Frank Reich Revolution taking the win with a score of 10pts. There was a three-way tie for second place, with newbie West Of The Cascades finishing level with BillsFanSanDiego619 and lgbfromoregon all with 8pts. Here are last week's picks, and the scoring spreadsheet.

Keep it here after the jump for the last week of the regular season, as we all wonder which Sabres team will show up for the three remaining games.

The three games on tap for this week are:

4/3 - Toronto Maple Leafs @ Buffalo Sabres
4/5 - Buffalo Sabres @ Philadelphia Flyers
4/7 - Buffalo Sabres @ Boston Bruins

We will need you to make the following picks -

1) winning team [W] in each game = H or V
2) goals [G] over/under in each game (based on an O/U of 5.5 goals) = O or U
3) powerplay goals [PPG] over/under in each game (based on an O/U of 1.5 goals) = O or U
4) scorer of the game-winning goal [GWG] (this includes a shootout winner)
5) penalty minutes [PIM] over/under in each game (based on an O/U of 20 PIM) = O or U

Scoring is simple, one point for each correct answer per game, a max of five per game. You can submit your answers in the comments section of this post, in the form of (for example) -

H O O Hodgson O
V O U Stafford U
H O U Peverley O

Don't forget to get your picks in.. remember, if you don't play, you can't win!