Pick n' Mix - Wk 2/26/12

With the regular season entering a very exciting closing stretch, here's a chance for all you hockey junkies to indulge yourself some more here at Die By The Blade. Taking the idea from the excellent fantasy hockey blog folk over at FHS, we present Pick n' Mix, the Sabres' version of fantasy hockey that you can play right here, with no cheatsheets, pencils or calculators needed. Feel free to go over and play the 'Thursday Night Live!' over at FHS too, fun folk there.
For more on how to play, keep it here after the jump. Here is the score spreadsheet.

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So this is how the game is played. At the beginning of each gameweek, there will be a post similar to this one outlining the Sabres' schedule for the week.

2/29 Buffalo Sabres @ Anaheim Ducks
3/1 Buffalo Sabres @ San Jose Sharks
3/3 Buffalo Sabres @ Vancouver Canucks

We will need you to come up with the following picks -

1) winning team [W] in each game = H or V
2) goals [G] over/under in each game (based on an O/U of 5.5 goals) = O or U
3) powerplay goals [PPG] over/under in each game (based on an O/U of 1.5 goals) = O or U
4) scorer of the game-winning goal [GWG] (this includes a shootout winner)
5) penalty minutes [PIM] over/under in each game (based on an O/U of 20 PIM) = O or U

Scoring is simple, one point for each correct answer per game, a max of five per game. You can submit your answers in the comments section of this post, in the form of (for example) -

V O O Vanek O
H U O Couture U
H O O Kesler U

It's that easy! Since I'll be copy-pasting these onto a spreadsheet, please refrain from adding extra information in the comment that has your picks on it. The game will close before puckdrop of the first game of the week, so we'll need all your week's picks in before that.

To the winner will go bragging rights (for now), and maybe next season we can make this a year long thing. So go on then, get cracking!