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Pegula to buy the Amerks?

WGRZ is reporting that Terry Pegula may soon be purchasing the Amerks. We should have seen this coming from a mile away, based on Ted Black’s statements about the Penguins owning their own minor league affiliate. Heck, I can’t believe I didn’t jump all over it upon reading Darcy Regiers’ comments in this article by Kevin Oklobzija.

The Sabres have an agreement in place with Portland through 2013/2014. If the purchase of the Amerks goes through, you’d have to imagine they’d buy out from that Portland agreement. That can’t be chump change by any means, but it is definitely something the previous regime wouldn’t do.

If I were an Amerk fan, I’d be jumping for joy.  I’d also be disappointed if I were a Portland fan.  No matter where the Sabres farm club plays next season, I think it’s fairly safe to say the working environment on & off the ice will be better.

Right off the bat, I can imagine improvement in the facilities. Improvements in logistics. More of an “attachment” to the organization. Stocking the team with quality guys who may cost a little more, an example being Matt Ellis.

This is also a good move in trying to retain a Rochester fan base who loves the NHL,and specifically, Sabre hockey.  I feel in recent years, they’ve taken steps back in that relationship, and that goes back to the days before they even moved to Portland.

Great move in my opinion…