Owen Power in the Olympics?

Is it true?

Welcome to my first article for Die by the Blade. If you don’t know me, my name is Zac and I have just started to get back into writing. As I write this now, the Buffalo Sabres are dealing with COVID issues; Krebs, Tuch and Bjork have entered protocol. Sabres are still dealing with some injuries still and are coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Bruins on Saturday.

The past is the past, but today let’s look at the future.

What does the future hold for the Sabres? Well, look no further. The future is bright, especially with Owen Power. The Sabres’ first overall pick in the 2021 NHL draft was able to continue developing at Michigan. He has 18 games played with 23 points - so far so good for the young developing defenseman as he continues to grow and become a solid defenseman.

We were very fortunate to see him briefly at the World Juniors, before they ended early & were postponed. Power had 5 points in 2 games at the WJC, including a hat trick. This amused Sabres fans as they got a glimpse of what could be coming as early as the end of the 2021-22 season. If things go certain ways, the Sabres could see Power play after he is done with college. Now this would be a very neat treat to see what he can do; there is no rush to put him into the NHL.

Buffalo fans will potentially be seeing him, however, at the 2022 Winter Olympics. Power is reportedly on the list of players for the team as the NHLPA has denied the chance for NHL players to go. This is where we will see his skills and abilities on a world stage. He may not be playing against top-end superstars, but he will be playing against very good players.

For fans, this will be a great chance to see what is coming. However, this could be a chance to see what he needs to work on. Is Power strong enough? Can he defend well against higher skilled players? This will be on display come February, a great chance to see him.

The future is bright for Sabres fans, with Power coming into the mix, along with the young kids in Rochester. There is always reason to believe. The Sabres have a bunch of talent coming; it is only a matter of time.