A look at the First Niagara Center in NHL 15

The Sabres arena will look more accurate in the newest NHL video game.

One of the features of this year's installment of the EA Sports NHL series features "authentic arenas." They've been releasing the arenas slowly throughout the off-season, but the Sabres were one of the last to be unveiled.

At first glance it looks like the EA team did a pretty good job. The Ted Darling Press Box is accurate, the scoreboard is correct (minus the B sword logo that the team no longer uses), the center ice artwork is correct, and so is the general seating arrangement.

There is one mistake and it's been brought up with other team's arenas as well. The Sabres are positioned on the wrong bench, the right side instead of the left. It's a small detail, but when EA puts as much emphasis on accuracy it's a noticeable flaw.

Some people have also begun receiving their editions of the game early, whether because they review games or subscribe to EA's program which allows fans to get the game a few days early for a fee. Here are the Sabres full team rankings, courtesy of @essbeeay.

NHL 15 has been doing rather poorly with critics. The next-gen editions have been stripped of many popular features, including GM connected, EASHL, playing as your AHL affiliate in dynasy mode, and the ability to start in Canadian juniors with your Be A Player. Here's a full list of what the game is missing.

The game hits stores on September 9th.

With the negative news surrounding NHL are you still planning on making a purchase?