How nervous are you about 30th place?

With four games left that could affect the Sabres standings, we want to know if you're feeling any anxiety over last place.

Over the past two season, the Buffalo Sabres front office has had one clear goal - finish in 30th place this season and guarantee yourself one of the two generational prospects in the upcoming draft. For two seasons, they've been very successful in achieving that goal.

And now, right as we're closing in on the finish line, there's a tiny chance that they won't meet that goal.

There are four games left that could impact the Sabres final place in the standings. Any combination of two points won by the Arizona Coyotes or lost by the Buffalo Sabres in these four games clinches 30th:

Thursday - Arizona at Vancouver
Friday - Buffalo at Columbus
Saturday - Buffalo vs. Pittsburgh, Arizona vs. Anaheim

As of today, Sports Club Stats still has the Sabres with a 93% chance of finishing in 30th place, and Trending Buffalo noted that the gambling odds of all four of those games finishing with the worst possible results for the Sabres were 15-1.

But this is Buffalo, and if there's one thing all Buffalonians are born with it's an amazing ability to assume the worst about their sports teams. By the weekend this could all be over, or we could be collectively holding our breath and flop sweating for 24 straight hours on Saturday.

So let us know how you're feeling - nervous, confident, terrified? Let's have some group therapy in the comments.