How many more games will the Sabres win this season?

There's 14 games left this year - and we want your prediction as to how many more the Buffalo Sabres will win.

The Buffalo Sabres have been bad all season, but after trading away most of their viable veteran players, they've been on a run of particularly abysmal hockey. Losers of six in a row, and only scoring five goals during that span, it seems pretty clear that if the team hasn't packed it in for the season, then they just don't have enough talent left to hang with even the other bottom dwellers in the NHL.

However, as Sabres fans, we're all in this together, and will need to endure 14 more games until we get to the sweet, sweet end of the season, where the exciting stuff can start up again for the Sabres. The playoffs will be more fun to watch thanks to the St. Louis Blues conditional draft pick, and the leadup to the NHL draft will be just as exciting for Buffalo as the trade deadline was.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. With 14 games left, many of them on the road and against opponents in the thick of the playoff race, we want to know how many games you think the Sabres will win. Take a look at their remaining schedule below, and let us know in the comments.

Sabres Remaining Schedule

How many of their remaining 14 games will the Sabres win this season?

Two or less86
Seven or more9