Get to know Jack Eichel

The Sabres will almost certainly be drafting Boston University superstar Jack Eichel, and here's a few videos that will help you get better acquainted with him.

Yesterday, we posted a positive and negative look at what drafting second means, but one thing that doesn't need to be questioned is who the Sabres will be taking with the second overall pick - Jack Eichel.

Some people were upset with the comments that Sabres GM Tim Murray made right after the draft about being disappointed not to draft #1, but Murray went back to clarify those comments yesterday, and had nothing but praise for Eichel, saying, "People took my comments last night as an insult to Jack Eichel, that's the furthest thing from the truth, I love Jack Eichel."

Now that the general manager's position is cleared up, let's get to know Eichel a bit better, shall we? We'll start by watching him answer this video of awkward Dating Game questions:

Now that we know all about his secret crushes, let's take a look at the kind of things he's capable on the ice, which are far more impressive.

If you prefer to get your hype through text, here's what ESPN's John Buccigross had to say about Eichel on WGR's morning show yesterday:

He'll be a six-foot two, two-hundred and ten pound strong, big center who passes like Adam Oates, shoots like Alex Ovechkin, and just a real committed, durable guy who doesn't get hurt, plays for 15 years and probably ends up in the Hall of Fame.

High praise, for sure, but Buccigross isn't the only one with such lofty words. Just Googling "Jack Eichel scouting report" turns up a number of articles touting his size, skating ability, shot, playmaking acumen, leadership, and toughness.

Regardless of whether you wanted the #1 pick or not, you can't argue that the Sabres aren't getting a heck of a dynamite prospect in Eichel.