Florida Panthers vs. Buffalo Sabres Preview: Prop Bets Before The Big Game

The Buffalo Sabres and Florida Panthers are playing each other as a pregame before the Super Bowl. We have some prop bets to be whet your gambling appetite.

With the Super Bowl basically occupying all of our attention tonight, the Sabres and Panthers are playing a Sunday matinee before the game just so you don't have to watch the pregame show. One of the biggest things about Super Bowl Sunday is all of the money that is bet on various prop bets and super bowl squares. Since doing squares for a hockey game is tough, we here at Die By The Blade figured we could give you some prop bets to bet among your friends to pass the time before the big game.


- Over/under on how long Doug Allen will take to sing the Canadian and American national anthems (2:30)

- Over/Under on how many people will Doug Allen point to during the national anthem (10)

- Number of Super Bowl references in the pregame show (3)


- Over/Under on the number of times that Tyler Myers will make you want to throw something at the television (5)

- Over/Under on the combined length in seconds that Rick Jeanneret will hold his "Scores" call throughout the game (15)

- Over/Under on the number of camera shots of an annoyed players on a bench (4)

Mixed Game

- Who will have more, the number of goals the Sabres score or the number of field goals combined by the Ravens and 49ers.

If you have any more interesting ones, please feel free to leave them in the comments.