EP. 11: The All Star Returns

Rasmus Dahlin is back from a fun time in Vegas.

Josh and Luke are back behind the mics after taking their own All Star break to get back on track and give you some good hockey content. Unfortunately, this is a shorter show as the Sabres have not played a game since February 1st. However they are back tonight, February 10th against Colombus.

The All Star Weekend was a great time for all the players and their families as usual. What was your favorite part? Rasmus Dahlin was the Buffalo Sabres representative & made the most of it, having 1G and 1A in the game as well as participating in the accuracy shooting challenge. Hear what Josh and Luke have to say about Dahlin and what he may be able to bring back to the team after the weekend.

The Olympics have started and are in full swing! Both women’s and men’s hockey prelims are underway and there’s no doubt it going to be an interesting one to say the least. There are plenty of former and even a couple current Sabres (prospects) in Beijing. Josh has a fun trivia question for Luke that was almost ruined, however, Luke didn’t look it up prior and was stumped almost immediately.

Injured players are slowly starting to come back with Tokarski and Anderson both back in the crease for the Sabres; hopefully it can lead to some closer games at the very least.

Tune in here for all this talk and more!

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