DBTB Predicts: 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Second Round

DBTB Predicts: 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Second Round

The second round of the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs gets underway on Tuesday. Round one was certainly an interesting one, filled with a few surprises. Who among us predicted that the Florida Panthers, who squeezed their way into a playoff spot, would eliminate the Boston Bruins, who had the best regular season in league history?

Die By The Blade staff have made their predictions for the second round! Leave your predictions in the comments.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Florida Panthers
Alex: Leafs in six
Calvin: Leafs in six
Jeff: Panthers in seven
Kerra: Leafs in six
Melissa: Panthers in six
Steven: Leafs in six

Carolina Hurricanes vs. New Jersey Devils
Alex: Devils in six
Calvin: Canes in six
Jeff: Devils in seven
Kerra: Canes in seven
Melissa: Canes in six
Steven: Devils in six

Dallas Stars vs. Seattle Kraken
Alex: Stars in six
Calvin: Stars in six
Jeff: Stars in six
Kerra: Stars in five
Melissa: Kraken in six
Steven: Kraken in six

Vegas Golden Knights vs. Edmonton Oilers
Alex: Oilers in seven
Calvin: Oilers in six
Jeff: Oilers in six
Kerra: Oilers in seven
Melissa: Golden Knights in six
Steven: Golden Knights in seven