Cameranesi joins Marvin and Coyne-Schofield on NHL Network

Saturday morning bring the Women In Hockey episode of Ice Time

Continuing their efforts to give female athletes and broadcasters more exposure, the NHL Network is following up Tuesday’s broadcast by featuring NWHL and Team USA forwards Gigi Marvin, Kendall Coyne-Schofield, and Beauts star Dani Cameranesi.

On Saturday, March 9 at 9am and again at noon  EST, Ice Time will carry segments from each of these talented women for their Women in Hockey episode.

Ice Time is a clip show featuring fun interviews with hockey’s greatest personalities. Stu Grimson hosts the fast-paced show, and each conversation is full of highlights and pop-up facts that add to the viewing experience.

In Marvin’s interview, she reveals she started to skate at 2 years old! “I started at two,” she tells Grimson. “My dad put the skates on me and I was told I’ve got to skate whether I like it or not. Sure enough, I fell in love with it. It’s Hockeytown USA and I’m from a hockey family, so it’s a pretty natural fit.” She also discusses her roots, and the sports she played growing up.

Coyne-Schofield, who has become one of the NHL Network’s own analysts, talks about her experience at the NHL All-Star Skills Competition, what it means to her, and what it meant for women in sports. She also addresses her humble beginnings, and the importance of differentiation.

Cameranesi laces up her skates and takes the ice with Grimson to talk about handling pressure on the breakout from her position as a wing. She gives some good tips for young hockey players who are hoping to up their transition game.