Daily Links for Saturday, September 3

Is it hockey season yet?

Why Thomas Vanek Should be the Next Captain of the Buffalo Sabres - Buffalo Wins
Why? This is why.

Top Five Games of the Year - Sabre Noise
Here are top games on the schedule that Tim is marking down as must sees.

Kassian gearing up; Pre-draft comments cause Catfight - SabresProspects.com
Zack Kassian is perhaps the most intriguing Sabres prospect in recent years largely due to his hands. He uses them softly to pass and finish, but also tosses them like hammers when the gloves come off.

The Hockey News 2011-12 NHL regular season predictions: No. 1 - THN
The final rundown of THN's 2011 rankings.

Puck Daddy NHL Season Preview 2011-12: Boston Bruins - Puck Daddy
Puck Daddy's action-packed preview of the Boston Bruins.

How could you? How could you? The Red Wings and Amway. - Hockey Independent
This year, there will be no Detroit Red Wings. There will, however, be the Detroit Red Wings presented by Amway.

Private funeral for Belak set for Sunday - NHL.com
There will be a private funeral Sunday for Wade Belak at Woodmont Christian Church in Nashville.