Daily Links for Monday, December 5

There's more fallout from Miller-Tootoo this morning, and the NHL will most likely make a disciplinary decision on the matter sometime today or tomorrow. After the break, the Board of Governor meet today to discuss realignment.

Miller comes to own defense this time - The Buffalo News
Ryan Miller didn't wait for his teammates to respond this time. He was throwing rights and lefts as soon as an opponent barreled him over — again.

NHL looking at Tootoo-Miller collision, but no decision on disciplinary hearing yet - Sabres Edge
The NHL is looking at Jordin Tootoo's collision with Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, but the league has not yet decided whether to conduct a formal disciplinary hearing with the Nashville forward, The News has learned.

The triumph of the hockey meathead - The Globe and Mail
An article inspired by the Sabres response to the Tootoo hit - despite raging injuries and outcries from fans, the clubby prevailing culture of pro hockey continues to be one of violence, rough justice and vigilantism. Changing the rough-and-tumble nature of the game will never be easy, as Canada’s national sport is part of its identity and has been ingrained with violence for a hundred years.

Open Season - Buffalo Wins
"I'm not sure whether Tootoo's play will earn a suspension. You would think based on Shanahan's comments and the sensitivity to the issue, he might receive a game or two, but consistently the NHL makes me scratch my head on non-suspensions so I'll just wait and see. "

Question Marks About Readiness Aren’t Stopping Young Pair - Black & Blue & Gold
What are Zack Kassian and Brayden McNabb doing right and will it be enough to stick around?

Realignment tops agenda hen Board of Governors convene, beginning Monday - NHL.com
The NHL's Board of Governors will begin two days of meetings Monday, with realignment serving as the most discussed item on the agenda.

What realignment scenarios will be on table this week at BOG meetings - ESPN
How much change will the board of governors bring when they meet this week? Here's a look at the realignment scenarios in play.

Is the NHL headed for another work stoppage? - SI.com
An excellent article detailing the problems the NHL may have regarding its next CBA.

Ducks lose again, 5-3 to Minnesota Wild - latimes.com
Goaltender Jonas Hiller says the team's play on defense has been 'too cute,' and Coach Bruce Boudreau says the team needs to find a new mind-set.

Crazy Turkish hockey brawl: riot police called in, match forfeited - Puck Daddy
A ridiculously violent and uncontrollable brawl broke out in a Turkish hockey league game.