Daily Links for Friday, September 16

Happy Friday, everyone! Plenty of links on the Tyler Myers signing, meanwhile Luke Schenn and Teemu Selanne get new deals too.

It’s becoming old hat for Darcy Regier to stand up at a press conference and introduce yet another piece to the team’s long-term championship plans.

Myers, Sabres happy to have each other for 8 more years - Sabres Edge
The Sabres have locked up not only one of the NHLs best young defensemen, General Manager Darcy Regier said, they have one of the best defensemen period. And they have him for eight more years.

With Tyler Myers, Sabres finally spend the money to keep their own - ESPN
It's not a new story, but the Myers contract extension is another indication of just how dramatically the landscape has changed in one of the most passionate hockey markets in the United States.

Pegula sends message and Myers receives it - The Buffalo News
The particulars of the contract shrink when placed alongside the message owner Terry Pegula continues to pound into our heads: The guy is consumed with winning the Stanley Cup.

Has Pegula Impressed You? - Game-Time Decision
A giant recap of everything the new Sabres owner has done, including laser zambonis.

Selanne returning to Ducks for one more season - NHL.com
Teemu Selanne decided his surgically repaired left knee was strong enough to handle another NHL season with the Ducks.

Report: Leafs, Luke Schenn agree on 5-year deal - Puck Daddy
The Toronto Maple Leafs and restricted free-agent defenseman Luke Schenn have agreed on a new 5-year deal the night before camp begins; and "while exact details of the deal are not known, it is believed that Schenn will earn approximately $3.5 million per season."

Busy weekend ahead as NHL teams open camp - NHL.com
Summer vacation officially ends for NHL teams this weekend as they open training camps.

Stars agree to sell team to Vancouver businessman - The Globe and Mail
Dallas has filed a pre-packaged bankruptcy plan to help facilitate transaction to Tom Gaglardi

The bar's been set for Victor Hedman's next contract - Raw Charge
With 2009 NHL draft picks John Tavares and Tyler Myers signing contract extensions, the bar has been set on how much Lightning defenseman Victor Hedman may demand with his next contract.